BBVA USA Fractional Routing Number

What is a Fractional Routing Number

The fractional number goes like this: YYYY/ZZZZ.

YYYY is digits 5 to 8 of the nine digit routing number of BBVA USA (the last, 9th digit, is control digit - ignore it). The numerator is BBVA USA's ABA Institution Identifier

ZZZZ is the first 4 digits of BBVA USA routing number (you can skip the leading zeroes).

The denominator is also part of the routing number; by adding leading zeroes to make up four digits where necessary (e.g. 102 is written as 0102, 57 is written as 0057, etc.), it forms the first four digits of the routing number (9998 in our example).

The Routing Number is also called an ABA number or routing transit number.

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How to create BBVA USA Fractional Routing Number

~ In our example the fractional number is 8877/9998
~ Use the table below to lookup BBVA USA routing number
~ It's in the lower left-hand corner of your checks. Look for the 9 digit number between these symbols:Real-Time Bill Payments 123456789 Real-Time Bill Payments

Branches = 643
Assets = $90,996,935
Deposits = $73,065,406


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